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Promise Keepers

In late 1994, men at First United Methodist Church began forming small groups. These groups are sometimes referred to as “support groups”, “accountability groups”, “Bible study groups”, “prayer groups” or a combination of the above. Most of our groups have between 4 and 8 members.

Small groups were strongly encouraged by our founder, John Wesley.

Our experience since 1994 has been positive. We find men are more enthused about their leadership role in their families and in the church. Since 1994, our church attendance and membership have shown marked increases.

Most of our small groups meet once a week---spend about an hour in a meeting---and use written materials as a guide for spiritual growth of the men. Our groups are not simply “social gatherings”. They are designed specifically to bring about spiritual growth for the men who are participating.

The small group concept is similar to the T-Quest program of United Methodist Men and the encouragement to participate in small groups by Promise Keepers.

For more information about Promise Keepers at First United Methodist Church please visit the contact us page, or you can visit the Promise Keepers Website at